Centagon Records Announces Inaugural Release: Terror Wave by Air Jackson


Monday, July 4, 2016 3:52:47

Centagon Records Announces Inaugural Release: Terror Wave by Air Jackson


July 4, 2016

Centagon Records, a new independent record label based in Seattle, has announced its inaugural release: Terror Wave, the full-length debut LP by Air Jackson. The entire album will be available on digital and vinyl on July 16, 2016 for Centagon’s appearance at Channel Fest, Seattle’s first annual celebration of local record labels.

In anticipation of the album’s launch, Centagon is streaming two tracks from the LP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp effective immediately: Prelude to Everything Being Okay and Summer Stars.

Over the course of four years, producer/keyboardist PJ Anderson and original guitarist Louis Jones recorded Terror Wave in Anderson’s home studio, using a Tascam 388 analog tape recorder. It is an introspective album about heartbreak, anxiety and moving to a new city. Its sound, built on synths, guitars and drum machines, is rich and complex, ranging from lush and atmospheric to nightmarishly psychedelic. Guitarist Miguel Diaz (Jetman Jet Team, Coke Nails) replaced Jones in 2016.

While using a combination of digital and analog instrumentation in recording, the vinyl edition of Terror Wave was tracked, mixed and mastered using entirely analog techniques. Both sides were cut directly from the analog tapes by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering in Portland, Ore.

Terror Wave is now available for pre-order at http://airjackson.bandcamp.com
To stream the pre-released tracks, visit bandcamp or http://soundcloud.com/centagonrecords

About Centagon Records

Centagon Records is a small multi-genre record label based in Seattle. Named after the geometric shape with a hundred sides, Centagon exists to propagate weirdness and beauty through physical media and the magic of analog production. Visit http://www.centagonrecords.com to learn more.

About Air Jackson

Air Jackson is a Seattle-based duo featuring producer/keyboardist PJ Anderson and guitarist Miguel Diaz. Combining elements of new wave, electronica and noise, Air Jackson makes lyrical post-punk pop with a menacing, psychedelic tremor. Visit http://www.centagonrecords.com/artists/airjackson for more information.

About Channel Fest
A landmark event for the Seattle music community that will bring together record labels of all sizes and genres representing the richness of the local music scene as it really is today. Including newly launched & reissue labels specializing in rock, psych, garage, pop, R&B, funk, soul, hip hop, italodisko, EDM, electro, synth pop, new wave, lo-fi, shoegaze, punk, grime, metal, industrial, doom, experimental, noise, instrumental, field recordings & rarities."

For tickets and more information, visit http://www.channelfest.com

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